Most frequently damaged items during a move

  • Moving is a job that causes a lot of damage and takes up a lot of time. There are many disadvantages caused by moving. One of which is belongings being damaged. Some of those belongings may be pricey, some may be close to the heart, maybe rare!

    So who would want damaged articles? No one, right? So pay attention to the fragile items, and ask the movers that you selected, 2 take extra precautions and be extra careful with those articles. Here are some articles that are frequently damaged while moving-

    1. Artwork pieces-

    They are a type of items which are commonly rare and expensive. Even a single damage, no matter how immaterial you find it, causes a lot of damage to a piece of art. So always ensure that you hire professional movers and packers for packing and transporting these fragile items so as to ensure safety.

    2. Glasswork-

    As the name suggests this fragile material, they can easily crack or break when not properly put in a box. So keep in mind that glass items need to be packed in an appropriate size of the box so that there is minimal shaking, and all the glass items should be packed separately as if they come in contact with each other, it may threaten their single piece nature.

    3. Electronics-

    When it comes to fragile things, who can forget electronics? To move those, it would be preferred if you pack them in their original boxes, along with the use of plenty of bubble wrap and foam. Keep the chords of each appliance separately so that they do not get mixed up and be entangled with each other.

    4. Sports equipment-

    One of the most valuable possessions for a sports lover, many of the sports equipment are highly delicate, if we consider balls, shuttles, rackets, etc. So when packing those, one has to be extra careful so that no damage takes place.

    So these are some of the items that may be easily damaged while you move.

    So be careful, be vigilant, so that you do not end up with damaged positions when you unpack at your new place

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